I am a simple man (or a common one, if you will). I see Adam Scott, I smile. Whether it’s his pseudo nerd-yet charmingly cute persona from Parks and Rec, or his douche bag, joint smoking role from Step Brothers, Mr. Scott just hits me where I live. Evangeline Lily is cool too, but I never really forgave her for being with Jack while Sawyer was still on the island.
Anyways, when I first read that these two good looking (but not, like, unattainably good looking, ya know?) stars would be joining forces to raise the antichrist in a small suburban setting, I giggled. Sounds like a fun night at home watching Netflix (which is where this movie will first be released) with my wife over green tea and lemon squares!

Then the trailer dropped, and I giggled some more. Adam Scott is funny, the townspeople are simple, Evangeline Lily is hot, and there’s a ten year old weirdo who has the devil inside of him. What’s not to like?

Trailer Trash Score: 7/10

Here’s a link to the trailer for anyone who has yet to see it:


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