Well, fuck. Not one day after I write my article listing five characters that should get their own Star Wars spinoffs, DC pulls a curveball and announces the origin movie just about zero people in the world want to see: The Joker! Needless to say, twitter is in full shotgun-in-mouth mode. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites:

I sense a tiiiiiiny bit of sarcasm from Mike Ryan here, especially considering how lackluster and boring my childhood was.

Damn, a blight on society, you’d think the guy was a homicidal mass murderer or something? Calm it down, Leah.

I know your name is Human Hyperbole, but yeesh, it’s just a movie dude. No need to go all Kate Mara in House of Cards on us.

Because Jared Leto is hot and edgy, where the fuck have you been? His forehead says damaged, pay attention.

Heather, we aren’t talking about THAT ‘The Joker’, try to keep up.

Hypothesis: IF, Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson are good Jokers, THEN, everyone else in history must be bad.*

*unless they are a drawing.

Actually his allure is that he’s played by the fine piece of man Jared Leto, thanks for playing.

And last but not least, my stupid ass had to chime in:

Calm down you big goon, you’re yelling about comic book movies, Jesus Christ.