Last Flag Flying is an upcoming film directed by Richard Linklater of Boyhood and Dazed and Confused fame. Now if you thought Boyhood was just an unlikeable little fuck yapping for 6 hours until he did shrooms and everything was better like I did, then you’ll be half excited for Last Flag Flying. 

Yes, Last Flag Flying does look like it has a lot of yapping. However, that yapping is done by two of the most likable people of all time in Steve Carrell and Bryan Cranston, and also Lawrence Fishburne (This doesn’t make me racist, he’s going up against the best white guys of all time). 

Steve Carrell and Bryan Cranston take their newly religious friend Lawrence Fishburne on a bro-down middle age man road trip (or a bro’d ship) and it looks to me like along the way they share a few laughs, and even a few tears, but in the end they all learn something about themselves and the audience all feels pretty okay with how everything turned out, roll credits.

Trailer Trash Score: 5/10

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Last Flag Flying yet, click the link below, and leave something in the comments if you had any feelings whatsoever or if you’re a living, breathing human.